Mel Galbally Sales Associate


Office: 636-397-7653
Mobile: 631-384-9872
Fax: 636-561-3437


Mel is originally from New York and has been a St. Charles resident for 12 years. She understands the importance of customer service and works around the clock to ensure her clients know they are her #1 priority.
Mel has a bachelors degree in business management and prides herself on her proven negotiation skills. She loves to help clients in all areas but specializes in the St. Charles area.
Mel also partners with great agents around the country so if you are moving out of state she can help you find a qualified agent in your new location!


Glad to meet Mel

"Glad to meet Mel & her family they have become part of our family! Hope to see them in the future as she helped so much with the purchase of the new and the sale of the old home." -Home Owner

Our situation was unique!!!

"Our situation was unique as most would say. My elderly parents moved from San Diego to St. Charles, trying to find a property quickly to meet the needs of 4 people, 2 with handicapped needs was more than a challenge. Mel scheduled appointments within hours, we spoke several times a day until the home was found. Complications of the seller backing out in San Diego, only to find another interested buyer within days of cancelling our contract. Mel politely & calmly scheduled more appointments to find a home to close within 3 weeks! She is amazing. We would add her to our family as she understood every family members needs. We will continue to call Mel for future needs." Karen Fraunholtz

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