Discount Real Estate Broker

Discount Real Estate BrokerDiscount Real Estate Broker

Should you hire a discount Broker?

Many homeowners are not aware that the commission charged on selling a home can be negotiable.  Commission rates vary depending on the agency and the type of real estate for sale.  Land, for instance can bring a rate of 9%-10% and a single family home usually varies from 6%-7%. When a market is slow it is understandable that agencies ask for premium rates due to the amount of time and marketing dollars they have to spend. However, if your real estate market is thriving you should look into the possibility of saving money on your home sale.

Because commissions can be negotiated they will be different with each company its important to ask the following questions.  How is your commission split between Buyer’s agent and Seller’s agent?  What type of advertising will be provided? How experienced , aggressive or how often will you be updated or provided with feedback?  Make sure there are no unexpected charges?

There are discount agencies that provide discounted services, which is the last thing you want when selling your most valuable asset. At St. Louis Realty we provide premium FULL SERVICE for every listing. Our profit comes from gross sales, our agents are full time and sell on average a few homes a month. With that, at 5% we can afford to provide an excellent marketing package that beats most other agencies along with full service and still make a nice profit at 5% . Keep in mind a mere 1% difference can, literally, add up to thousands of dollars!

Please call us today to find out how we are better than our competition AND save you money with a reduced 5% commission. Our real estate specialists are waiting to help!

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