Listing Your St. Louis Home in Winter – Showing Tips to Get a Great Offer

Listing and Showing Your Home During Winter? Tips to Get That Offer

With the start of the New Year, it’s natural to think about the changes you want to make in the coming months. It’s a time of renewal. One of the biggest changes might be to sell your St. Louis home and move. As the real estate market begins to heat up, sellers all over Simcoe County are reading their homes for sale. If you’re considering a winter listing, home showings will be a little different from those that take place in warmer months, but getting a great offer is simply a matter of following a few tips.

A St. Louis winter can present special challenges and many home sellers fear their home won’t present itself as well as it does in spring or summer. The good news is there are many ways to make your home beautiful and attractive to buyers during the winter season.


  • Clear Away Snow – Buyers can show up at any time to your listing. Make sure you provide a clear and safe pathway to your door. Of course a clear driveway and front walk is critical, understand that buyers will want to explore your property as well. Keep snow off decks and walk ways throughout your property. Make sure all doors open easily without obstructions.
  • Hide Boots, Shoes and Outerwear – As with all staging, the goal is to make sure the buyers are able to focus on your home and not the clutter. Shedding boots, coats and other outerwear in the front hallway simply adds clutter to the home. Use the garage or front closet to keep the entryway inviting and open.
  • Provide Extra Mats – While you don’t want your home to look like a museum where guest are asked to stay on the designated paths, in winter months you should add a few extra mats and rugs to the home. Your buyers will actually feel relieved to ways to remove snow, dirt and moisture from their feet as they enter your home.
  • Keep the Temperature Comfortable – No one wants to incur extra heating costs, but the truth is if your home is for sale, this is not the time to watch your utility bills. If you’re accustomed to lowering the temperature when you’re at work or out of the home, don’t. Last minute showings are very common and you want to encourage your buyers to linger in the home, not run back to the warmth of the car.
  • Show During the Day – Whenever possible, encourage buyers and agents to come by during the day. Even in winter, a bright, sunny home shows beautifully. With less foliage on the trees, your home might seem significantly brighter during the winter months. If you must show after dark, then make sure all your rooms are warmly lit and consider a roaring fire in the fireplace.
  • Provide Pictures of Your Home in Summer – You might have some nice pictures of your home during the spring or summer months, use them to create a take-home brochures. Showcase your beautiful flower beds or the atmosphere around the pool. Help potential buyers visualize year round living in your home.

Winter can be a great time for listing your St. Louis home. Traditionally there is less inventory available which can lead to increased showings and interest in your home. Make your home warm and inviting so buyers will see the beauty and uniqueness of your property.