“Roxann is by far the most knowledgeable, professional, organized agent I have worked with. Roxann is a pleasure to work with and a tremendous asset to your organization.”
Phil & Leslie Gaudy

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Roxann is a pleasure to work with

“Moving from one house to another after 30 years is rough, but moving state to state is totally traumatic.
The hardest part for me was letting strangers into my house when I was not at home. Each time we had to leave, we had to take the cat with us. This was during the 100 degree weather in August. We had to take the cat someplace air conditioned. It was a challenge. We called Sharon to tell her about some of the clients opening up china cabinets and our dresser drawers…places that did not go with the house and the clients had no business opening. She spoke with the agent and from that day on she made it as easy on us as possible.
Our agent in Indiana should take a lesson from your company. We made one request, not to be at closing with the buyer. Sharon arranged for us to close on different days, at different places. In Indiana, we were a room apart while the agent ran from room to room.
Our home was as clean as we could have possibly left it. Our seller did not clean one thing. Our agent in Indiana did not go through our new home prior to close. It was so filthy, trash sat in front of our new house for 4 days. I really believe if Sharon would have been our agent and had seen the mess she would have called a cleaning lady and a carpet cleaner, even if she had to pay for it herself. I am showing you the difference in listing and selling our home, with what we went through. It was 100% different. Sharon is a pro at what she does.
The color brochure was so professional. Sharon did a wonderful job in every category. She deserves a big pat on the back. I would recommend her to any of our friends, and we did. She received a selling contract from our friend’s mother after she saw our brochure.
Paul & Linda Hamilton

Sharon is a Pro at what she does

“Roxann was great to work with! She was always prompt and took care of business quickly and professionally. She was available at all hours to deal with urgent issues.”
Josh Doherty

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Roxann was great to work with!

“Wow! Where do I start? Something that Sharon does which I admire very much is that if I didn’t know her, I would never know she was the owner of the company! She’s a hard worker, she’s extremely professional, yet friendly and caring. She’ll tell you the good and the bad, but she gets the job done!! I will forever be grateful for what she did for me. Thank you Sharon!!”
Joy Crawford

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Sharon gets the job done

“Roxann Taylor is amazing! She is a rock star! Not only is she intelligent and knows what she is talking about, she is patient and will bend over backwards to get things done for her clients. We are so grateful for her! She was available and so much fun to look for houses with. She is honest and really truly has her clients’ best interest at heart.”
Josh & Heather Pennington

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Roxann Taylor is Amazing!

“Jennifer helped us find a new home that met all of our needs and she sold our home in Chesterfield. She was very knowledgeable as to how to value and market the home we were selling. She answered all our questions, took care of detail after detail, and made us feel like we were always her first priority. This is a tough market and her marketing suggestions were innovative. Her attention to detail and positive attitude were fantastic. She negotiated the best deal for the sale of our old home and purchase of our new home. Thanks again for helping us find our new home.”
Bruce & Rose Johnson

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Jennifers attention to detail and positive attitude were fantastic!

“My husband is transferred often and we have used numerous real estate companies. This was by far my best experience. Sharon was professional and detail-oriented. Everything went amazingly smooth. I have told everyone I know to list with St. Louis Realty. Thanks Sharon”
Anita White

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I have told everyone I know to list with St. Louis Realty

“Colleen was forthright with homes and with us. She gave us a “long range” view in a nice down-to-earth yet professional way. She kept us informed and reassured by having a plan for a few months down the road. Colleen kept us calm in a very bad market.”
Ted Ziotopoloski

Colleen kept us calm

“I couldn’t be happier with our buying experience. Roxann was fantastic! Knowledgable and always available for our questions.”

Amy Lipp

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Roxann was fantastic!