“Our situation was unique as most would say. My elderly parents moved from San Diego to St. Charles, trying to find a property quickly to meet the needs of 4 people, 2 with handicapped needs was more than a challenge. Mel scheduled appointments within hours, we spoke several times a day until the home was found. Complications of the seller backing out in San Diego, only to find another interested buyer within days of cancelling our contract. Mel politely & calmly scheduled more appointments to find a home to close within 3 weeks! She is amazing. We would add her to our family as she understood every family members needs. We will continue to call Mel for future needs.”

Karen Fraunholtz

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Our situation was unique!!!

“I was in a rush to get out of my apartment. Genti was quick to get me a list of houses that matched my criteria but kept reminding me to take my time. Buying a home is a huge commitment and you want to make sure it was perfect. I’m glad I took his advice and didn’t settle. After a few rounds of hunting I found the perfect place and could not be happier! He was fast to answer my hundreds of questions and always available. Genti, you are the man and I owe you big!”

Jeremy Schwartz

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I was in a rush to get out of my apartment

“We are fortunate enough to have been friends with Colleen prior to this experience. My husband & I were very excited to sell our property but not nearly as excited to deal with all the work & problems that made the sale possible. Despite our impatient attitudes, Colleen made the process as painless as possible. We really appreciate all of her work, dedication & patience that allowed for a quick sale of our property. More than ever before, we plan to refer her to many!”

Jon & Amy Long

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Thank you so much!

“Steve and I both wanted you to know that you exceeded our expectations. You answered our calls promptly, provided the info we needed to understand what the market truly was, and researched things for us  I don’t think any other realtor would (especially the internet stuff). We really enjoyed working with you and you will be our realtor of choice should anything else come up.”

Steve & Catherine Hough

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Sharon, you exceeded our expectations

“Jenn was fantastic to work with. She went above and beyond to make sure I, as a first time home buyer, understood what was happening at each stage in the process, and her absolute transparency was fantastically helpful. It meant a great deal to know she had my back through the whole thing.”

Andrew Taylor

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Jenn was fantastic to work with!

“Roxann is awesome, she is a very pleasant person. I really enjoyed having her as an agent for the buying & selling of my home.”

Sue Scheurer

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Roxann is awesome.

“Colleen was an excellent agent!! She was always there for us anytime of the day when we had crazy questions or worries about something, she was always there. This is the second time we have worked with her and could have not asked for a better agent! If we are ever in the market to buy or sell again, or know anyone who is, we will definitely send them her way! Thank you for EVERY-THING you have done for us!”

Barclay & Randi

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Colleen was an Excellent Agent!!