Improvements to do before listing your home

For cost effective ideas to get the highest price for your home please call us for a complimentary (no obligation) home evaluation.
After viewing our specialists can provide you with a list specific to your home. See below for a general list to get you started!

If you are putting your home on the market, your main goal will be to appeal to as many buyers as possible. The housing market is competitive and you will want your home to look as good as, if not better than, your competition. I always use display homes as an example. Builders devote all of their energy into ensuring their home shows perfectly and the following suggestions are some that you will see in a display home. You will want to have all improvements done before going on the market as you will never have a second chance to make a first impression.

Here is a list of cost-effective ways to maximize the profit from your home sale:

  1. Declutter – You will want to declutter as much as possible. Your home should look cozy, but not empty so you don’t want to go overboard. Make sure everything is picked up off of the floor, the bathroom vanities should be somewhat cleared, closets, basements, and garage can be filled but should be organized.
  2. Neutralize – If you have loud colors or wallpaper, you will want to replace with a soft, neutral beige. When many people hear the word neutral, they decide to go white or eggshell and that tends to have a very stark and sterile effect. You will want soft and warm colors. We can provide you with paint color suggestions that are at Lowe’s or Home Depot.
  3. Carpeting – Carpeting is one of the few expenses that are justified when selling a home. If you have either a colored carpet, different colored carpets in bedrooms, or very worn carpeting; you will want to replace before going on market. St. Louis Realty can provide you with an inexpensive company that will finance free of charge for 6 months. Carpeting can either completely discourage a sale or bring low offers. It is well worth having it replaced if needed.  If your carpeting is dirty, it should be professionally cleaned before going on the market.
  4. Clean – Make sure home is extremely clean. Once again, think of a display home when cleaning. Is the grout in the bathroom dirty? Baseboards? Windows? When the home is shown, everything should be off the floors, sink should be dish free, and all beds made.
  5. Deodorize – If you are a smoker, DO NOT smoke in your house (or garage). I cannot stress how important this is. A non-smoker will seldom (if ever) purchase a home that has the presence of smoke. Your agent should let you know if there is a presence of pet odor and usually this can be taken care of with a good carpet cleaning.
  6. Yard- All bushes should be trimmed and well manicured. Grass should always be cut.  If in warmer months, a fresh coat of mulch and annuals always help the appearance.
  7. Exterior of Home – Broken screens should be replaced. Check to make sure the front door does not need a new coat of paint or new hardware. If siding has mildew, it should be power washed. If the deck is worn, a  fresh staining is well worth the cost.
  8. Depersonalize – You do not have to take down all of your family photos but instead minimize anything that is specific to you. If you are a hunter, remove any mountings (deer, etc.) from walls. If you have any religious statues or items, especially if you have a room devoted to your religion, you will want to remove everything while on the market.
  9. Touch up Paint – Touch up nicks in paint throughout home. A MATCHING white paint on baseboards and door molding can completely freshen up the look of a home for under $10 a can.

Miscellaneous – Make sure all light bulbs are working. Check ceilings for any signs of water stains or cracks and fix if necessary. Fix any leaky faucets. Cracked windows should be replaced.

Finally, take a final walk through your home as if you are a buyer. Take note and fix anything you see that would be of concern if you were a buyer.