Millennials Push Home Design Forward | What Millennials Want in their Homes


Millennial Home Buyer Design and Trends

Millennials Push Home Designs Forward

Millennials have entered the housing market over the last decade and have their own ideas about what they want in a home.  As a result, home design trends are becoming more innovative and reflective of the way we live today.  These young home buyers want bright homes which are informal and inviting; places where friends and families can gather and relax together.

Who are these Millennial Home Buyers?

Millennials are also referred to as Generation Y and were born from 1980-2000.  This generation came of age in the wake of the 9-11 terror attacks and it has had a large impact on the way they view the world.  They tend to be more civic minded and it’s reflected in their views on the environment as well as their local and global community.  They value sustainability and look for ways to make their homes more efficient.

While Millennials feel sense of duty to the world, they are also motivated by money and success.  They see their role models as successful people who give back and want to emulate this model.  As a result, they expect to create personal wealth and want their homes to reflect this success.

Millennials are also the first generation that grew up on technology.  Most never knew a home without a computer, video game console or cell phone.  They want their spaces to be intuitive and innovative.  They buy “smart” products!  Self-adjusting blinds, lights, appliances and other home features appeal to their sense of a technologically advanced home.  Homes are being built with these buyers in mind.

 Millennial Home Design and Trends

These young home buyers are attracted to the urban-industrial style home environments. Often these buyers are working in the high-tech or engineering industry and work and home life tend to merge. These professions can provide the income and growth potential that they value. When they look for a home, they want the space to reflect these values. So what does this Millennial home design look like?

  • Smaller spaces with great use of space
  • Unique homes vs “cookie cutter” designs
  • DIY Fixer-uppers: Millennials enjoy getting dirty and redesigning their home to suit their tastes
  • Light and bright with tall ceilings and lots of natural light
  • Natural design elements such as reclaimed wood
  • Urban designs, such as a large loft style home with great flow
  • Large family kitchens and great rooms
  • Seamless movement between outdoor and indoor spaces

Millennials have entered the real estate market and brought their own sense of style with them. As they continue to make up a greater portion of first time home buyers, builders will be creating more and more homes which reflect their unique perspective. Watch for more innovation, sustainability and functionality in new home designs over the next decade.