Sharon is a Pro at what she does

“Moving from one house to another after 30 years is rough, but moving state to state is totally traumatic.
The hardest part for me was letting strangers into my house when I was not at home. Each time we had to leave, we had to take the cat with us. This was during the 100 degree weather in August. We had to take the cat someplace air conditioned. It was a challenge. We called Sharon to tell her about some of the clients opening up china cabinets and our dresser drawers…places that did not go with the house and the clients had no business opening. She spoke with the agent and from that day on she made it as easy on us as possible.
Our agent in Indiana should take a lesson from your company. We made one request, not to be at closing with the buyer. Sharon arranged for us to close on different days, at different places. In Indiana, we were a room apart while the agent ran from room to room.
Our home was as clean as we could have possibly left it. Our seller did not clean one thing. Our agent in Indiana did not go through our new home prior to close. It was so filthy, trash sat in front of our new house for 4 days. I really believe if Sharon would have been our agent and had seen the mess she would have called a cleaning lady and a carpet cleaner, even if she had to pay for it herself. I am showing you the difference in listing and selling our home, with what we went through. It was 100% different. Sharon is a pro at what she does.
The color brochure was so professional. Sharon did a wonderful job in every category. She deserves a big pat on the back. I would recommend her to any of our friends, and we did. She received a selling contract from our friend’s mother after she saw our brochure.
Paul & Linda Hamilton