“I really appreciate Roxann’s openness and honesty. Her advice helped me obtain a buyer for my home.”
Margaret Schicker

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I really appreciate Roxann’s honesty

“Our agent was very good about returning phone calls in a timely manner when we had a question. When we ran into difficulty with the closing, she was very supportive and reassuring.”
Louis & Judy Pelcher

Our agent was very good

“Colleen did an excellent job! She kept me informed and updated in every aspect of my home sale. If I find anyone in need of an agent, I will certainly send them your way.”
Kristi Thomas

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Colleen did an excellent job!

“Jennifer is so efficient. She always answers our calls at anytime of the week or weekend. Also, she called to remind us of the deadlines. I would definitely recommend her to anybody because she is very nice and knows what she is doing. Thank you!”
Mariela St. Onge

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Jennifer is so efficient!

“I had unsuccessfully tried to sell my home for the past two years exhausting every effort. I tried three different agents, all with different companies hoping one could provide me with a sale. I finally called Sharon at St. Louis Realty. She was very confident she could sell my home and after 2 years of agents trying, I have to admit I did not believe her. Within 9 days of listing my home was sold, UNBELIEVABLE! I am not sure what kind of magic she has up her sleeve but I would highly recommend her to anyone and will!”

I finally called Sharon

“Jennifer was an amazing agent! She was there for us any time of the day. She helped us with getting information from our lenders to make the process go forward faster. I could not ask for a better agent and a new long time friend!”
Sara Halaske

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Jennifer was an amazing agent!

The process of selling our home was not at all an easy one, as we ended up having an incredibly difficult and demanding buyer. However, Colleen really went above and beyond to make a very hostile transition as easy on us as possible. She made herself readily available to us at times that I am sure it was not necessarily convenient for her. We are so very grateful to Colleen for all of her help and will recommend her and St. Louis Realty to our family and friends. Thank you so much Colleen!”
Theresa & Mark Cundiff

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Colleen went above and beyond!

“I think Roxann could build a home, she is so knowledgeable about every facet of home construction, remodeling, value, etc. I was at my house one day getting stuff out of my garage and she showed up on a Saturday. Just brought them by.. I will always remember that as an example of her hustle and dedication. She has now assisted me in buying two homes, renting another out and selling another home. That’s how you become known as someone’s Realtor for life.”
Tim Woodburn

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I think Roxann could build a home

“Working with St. Louis Realty saved us thousands. We would have not been able to sell our home if not for the lower commission we were charged. Our marketing brochures and on line listing description was top-notch. We had previously listed with another company and our experience with St. Louis Realty was a far more productive and genuine experience.”
Tom & Keri Raben

Working with St. Louis Realty saved us thousands!

“Professionals in any industry are typically strong in one aspect of their job. They may be great with rapport building, but waiver analytically or vice versa. Roxann, on the other hand was strong across the boards. We have and will continue to recommend her to friends and family thanks to her unrivaled knowledge of the industry, fun personality, dedication to her customers and trustworthiness. Thanks Roxann!
Tim and Sarah Will

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Thanks Roxann!